You are running DSU, do you want to try RSU as well? !

As part of Agile ceremonies, teams run DSU aka Daily Stand Up Meeting. Three questions are addressed by everyone — “What did you do yesterday?”, “What will you do today?” and “Are there any impediments in your way?”.

It will be good to have a RSU in addition to the DSU! RSU is not the Restricted Stock Units but a Recognition Stand Up meeting!. The frequency of the meetings can be daily or at least twice a week. This is an opportunity for the team members to recognize each other. The team members would answer these three questions — “What you did well?”, “What others did well?” and “What, as a team, we did well?”.

Often, agile teams feel that they get burnt out. While Celebration is part of the Agile practices, in reality, many teams might miss that. Because of which, the team members feel that their work is not acknowledged or recognized by anyone. Having RSU provides a means for everyone to recognize others as well as themselves. This practice would make the team members think about what are the good things that are being done on a daily basis.

When such a practice of recognizing each others consistently prevails in a team, the team performs at maximum efficiency. As good things are talked about daily, there is a feeling of positivity. The whole team is motivated and inspired to continue the good work. Teams would eagerly look for RSU!

This article originally appeared at on August 13, 2017


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Srinivasan Radhakrishnan

Thought leader & author with 25+ years of global IT and academic experience. Worked with Intel for 16 years & currently a faculty with Arizona State University